About OrbViz

The PDF is dead.
Long live dynamic

Our Why:

To supercharge transparency and trust through accessible, dynamic data-driven storytelling

Organisations rely on numbers to make better decisions.

The data shows us where we have been and where we are now - and helps us forecast our next best steps. But many people struggle to grasp the story hidden within the integers. For organisations to make more informed decisions we need more stakeholders to be informed - even those (especially those) who are not mathematically or statistically inclined.

That’s the WHY that drives OrbViz: To supercharge transparency and trust through accessible, dynamic data-driven storytelling.

With OrbViz’s dynamic visualisation you get that 'lightbulb' moment where you see the big picture at a glance. Helping you and your customers to visualise the insights, wisdom and knowledge held within the data. OrbViz combines the best of business intelligence, location data and narrative in a visual and interactive medium that tells an impactful, complete story for your organisation.

Our Roots:

Democratising the data

OrbViz originated from a talented team of big thinkers based in Christchurch, New Zealand and Berlin, Germany. They worked hard to develop unique data stories, visualisation solutions and products to enable organisations to gain near real-time visibility of their data. But it took an equally talented team to realize that data storytelling dream and turn it into a sustainable business - OrbViz was born.

Our Aspiration:

To help more humans participate in creating effective, informed change for our world

Our Values:
Ideas that drive us

Tell better stories
Discover more
Make it easy
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Be the client’s champion
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Keep going
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Our Team:Meet the team behind the world’s best data visualisation tool

Vanessa undefined





Professionally: Doing things that make a difference, and thinking big. Breaking through barriers and obstacles. Finding a way when they say ‘there is no way.’ Using strategy and planning to solve tough problems with savvy tech.

Personally: I’m passionate about politics, the Middle East, travel, reading and podcasts, family and friends, gardening!


I’ve worked in tech for four+ years – before that, I was a journalist, in New Zealand and Israel, reporting on politics, finance, business and technology.


I have a BA in Political Science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism from the University of Canterbury. That comms focus helps when working with organisations that want to communicate better their hard-to-understand information and reports using OrbViz technology.


Communication. Our customers struggle to communicate progress around budgets, projects, reports and traction in a meaningful way that everyday people can understand. I help them translate that boring data and information into an interactive and engaging experience that people learn from.


Coming to work to hang out with my work buddies. They are awesome.


I’ve got a surprisingly good radio voice and can do accent impressions pretty well. If you’re at a pub quiz, I’m your go-to for Middle Eastern politics and 90s pop music.



Director, Global Expansion



Professionally: I want to make a difference in whatever I do, which is why I took up the role at OrbViz. Seeing the potential game-changer in how we process complex data in a boring PDF narrative into an easy-to-digest engaging and dynamic story gets me out of bed in the morning!

Personally: I’m most passionate about my family and travelling the world. Hopefully we can all start going away again!


23 years working, over half has been in sales.


I studied commerce (what seems a lifetime ago now), but the real value comes from my personal experiences. I’ve learned a lot from working in multiple industries in eight different countries, finding solutions and making sure everyone is happy with them. Also, being able to pull a contact out of my global network for assistance and collaboration is what I find very valuable, and I look forward to doing more of that from here in Christchurch.


Looking for new ways to collaborate with people and organisations, especially how they present their complex data. Finding out what makes people tick, what issues they face and how we can solve them together.


Networking. I love people and everything that comes with it. Everyone has a story to tell and there’s so much to learn from each of them.


Random sports facts, particularly football/soccer. I had too much time on my hands in the ‘90s.