OrbViz Bubbles

When numbers are bubbles, readership blows up


Our Bubbles data visualisation tool increases stakeholder engagement.
Research suggests that most people are visual learners with short (9-second) attention spans. OrbViz Bubbles boosts stakeholder engagement by converting your numbers into an eye-catching, easy-to-comprehend picture. People can see and compare quantities at a glance, engage in the story and give feedback, making the experience dynamic and memorable.

Change used to come in waves - now, it comes in bubbles


More time spent

Before they delve into the data, people are grabbed by the colours and shapes. It’s a Graphic User Interface designed to be interacted with.

4+ minutes spent on page

Increased engagement

Boost public engagement with clear, effective, visual communication.

+5000% - From 70-90 downloads to 4000+ sessions

Better feedback

The more people engage and understand, the more informed their responses will be.

Speed to insight

Help more people get to ‘Aha!’ sooner through user-led, interactive data visualisation and immersive storytelling. Leap from macro to micro insights at a click.

Cater for all stakeholders

People across all organisations want the flexibility to find the story that best suits their needs. OrbViz lets you customise applications to suit specific audiences with ease.