OrbViz for Government

Have better conversations and drive trust through transparency

OrbViz is the tool of choice for government and local government organisations that want their findings to be seen and understood. It allows you to present complex findings in an easy-to-grasp manner - so you can engage with the public transparently and interactively, which lets them choose their preferred path through the data.

OrbViz goes beyond the linear PDF. It creates a feedback loop that lets the public tell you what they think about the ‘matters’ that matter most - to them.

Empower engagement with a platform that gives users the deep dive that best suits their needs


Better Understanding

Raise awareness, engage your audience and get better feedback

Improved Accessibility

Make public spending more transparent and accessible

Promote Policy

Demonstrate the positive outcomes of your policies in the community

Boost Engagement

Increase public engagement with clear, effective, visual communication

Create Trust via Transparency

Have open, clear conversations that drive stakeholder trust

Be Innovative

Create relevance for decision-makers in a modern, interactive way

Cover Image for City of Moreton Bay Council

City of Moreton Bay Council

Get more eyes across the data, the business and the brand.

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Cover Image for Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Improving ratepayer engagement with key projects

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Cover Image for Matamata-Piako District Council

Matamata-Piako District Council

Transparent budget discussions in a digital age

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Christchurch City Council

Better LTP conversations with more people

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