OrbViz Webinars

Cinching Stakeholder Confidence

9th May 2024

Join Vanessa and Karim as they talk through ways in which you can build confidence in the numbers in your council, with a demo of Christchurch City Council's most recent budget report.

How Could Participatory Budgeting Work for New Zealand?

29th November 2023

We were lucky enough to be joined by economist, author, and Victoria University of Wellington Senior Research Fellow Max Rashbrooke for our webinar to answer our local government participatory budgeting questions.

Intro to OrbViz

22nd August 2023

Learn more about the power behind the Bubbles: CCC Smart Christchurch Manager Michael Healy will share a case study on the council's use of OrbViz, and how it led to winning the LGNZ Super Engaged Award 2023.