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Christchurch City Council

Better LTP conversations with more people

Challenge: Convert a flat paper document into a deep digital conversation

OrbViz helped the Christchurch City Council convert a long and dry document into a concise, fluid conversation with the public.

We spoke with Smart Christchurch manager, Michael Healey, about how OrbViz has helped them communicate better with ratepayers and other agencies.

Michael: “The Long Term Plan runs every three years - we prepare a draft proposal for the public to review. This has, in the past, been a long and dry document - requiring effort to interact with that data. They have to have the appetite, the patience or perseverance - OrbViz has given more people more access to the conversation.”

Solution: Give people the view that suits their perspective

Michael and his team wanted to increase the dialogue - having more people engage with and give feedback on the Long Term Plan - particularly with the parts that affected them the most.

Michael: “What appealed to us about OrbViz was easy access - intuitive - self-explaining - you can see the global view - and the micro view. People can search for a particular project. It’s quick - easy to peruse the different aspects.”

Implementation: A new way of looking at old ways of framing

The primary role of CCC smart cities is to trial new ways of doing things.

Releasing the LTP through OrbViz was a way to push the boat out with a clear destination in mind…

Michael: “When we took the buckets of money in traditional documents - we saw that our naming needed to be rethought. This exercise let us see the story through the eyes of the customer. And it has started a really good conversation with other agencies like ECAN - that, perhaps - we should align our terminology.”

Outcomes: Better conversations with more people

Having open, transparent and accessible conversations with the public is the way forward for the CCC, especially when the technology makes it easy to land.

Michael: “It was really positive working with OrbViz - they are responsive and helpful. They were supportive of the team, helping them to get fully skilled up - and were always very open to suggestions.”

Even though Christchurch City Council took what they believed was a conservative approach to launching the Long term Plan with OrbViz, the response was immediate and dramatic.

Michael: “People were spending an average of 5 minutes on the tools - that’s a long time from our point of view.”

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