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Case study: government

City of Moreton Bay Council

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Challenge: Council budgets are complex to prepare and hard to consume quickly

Councils are often required to present large quantities of important data- a frustrating task both for the presenter and those trying to sift through the multiple line items, which all look the same, to find the information they are interested in. This was no different for City of Moreton Bay (CMB), who faced the challenging task of taking their council through their record $864 million budget, but only having a small-time frame to do so.

The fluidity of OrbViz Bubbles transformed the budget into an accessible report that all CMB members could engage with and easily extract key insights from.

Solution: Make it a user-driven, digital, and interactive experience

The Council officers shared with the OrbViz team that traditionally, these budget reports had been presented using Excel and PDF documents. City of Moreton Bay officers were aware of the lack of engagement they were getting on the reports, and were keen to explore other solutions.

OrbViz offered a solution whereby they would turn the 1600 budget line items into easy-to-understand visuals, allowing Council officers to find and understand the information they were wanted, within seconds.

It’s also possible for Council members to dive from a macro level into a micro view with the simple click of a mouse, instead of trolling through lines of data that all look the same.

Outcome: A faster, more accessible experience for everyone

The ‘proof of concept’ with the City of Moreton Bay is a game changer for the Council. The revised, innovative budget allows for everyone within the Council to clearly understand the proposed budgeting – the bigger the bubbles, the bigger the spend. away by the concept of it.

Visualising the data through the OrbViz Bubbles permits rapid insights, critical for local government decision makers with limited time.

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