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Case study: business

Grow Good

Putting the impact into impact reporting

Challenge: telling a good impact story without spinning a yarn

B Corp is an independent, third-party certification of the ‘do good’ claims that businesses make.

As more businesses pursue it, a new challenge has emerged; how do you turn the impact data into a compelling story? 

We spoke with Grow Good founder and CEO Tim Jones about how they use OrbViz Bubbles to bring hundreds of pages of a B-Corp impact report to life. 

Tim: “With all the regulations coming and larger companies having to do disclosures on their emissions, there’s just more and more pressure coming that people want to know what you’re doing.  

Traditionally, Tim said, impact reports had been either ‘glossy and nice’ but lacking in gravitas or real data, or they had been so full of data that people fell asleep before they clicked ‘download’ on the report.

Solution: Bring the data to life with storytelling 

Tim said OrbViz was unique in its ability to tell a story about the data in a way that combined transparency and accountability.   

“Being a really visual person, it’s really easy to go ‘big bubble’ - bigger impact.  Smaller bubble – not so much impact.”

A B Corp impact report has five areas of assessment: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers. OrbViz Bubbles provides a high-level view that allows users to see the impact at a macro level and drill down into the micro detail of the data where they wish.  

Outcome:  Exponential impact 

Tim said the benefits of OrbViz were exponential.

“Five minutes of someone playing around with (OrbViz) is probably the equivalent of 10 hours’ worth of them trawling through a traditional impact report. 

"Another key thing is being able to track impact over time and show a track record of doing good.  And I think that’s something this platform makes really, really, easy.” 

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