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Three hundred pages of numerical data is a daunting prospect for any reader. When presented in a linear ‘2D’ form, it is neither accessible nor easily comprehensible.


When readers can go from macro to micro in seconds and find the story that connects ‘the numbers’ to their needs, your engagement numbers tick up, and ‘time spent’ on the report makes the time spent gathering data seem worthwhile.

“I saw what OrbViz had done with finance data, and it made me realise the gold sitting in my own spreadsheets. I thought, “Hold on. I can actually do something with this and turn it into something quite valuable for my clients.” - Dave Armstrong, Newbrook Capital director


Remove complexity and achieve lightning speed to insight by abstracting the numbers into bubbles.

“Anyone from a three-year-old to an 83-year-old, can tap on a bubble and see what the bubble relates to. Then you can deep-dive into a project of particular interest.” Michael Healy - Christchurch City Council


By converting your linear document into a ‘3D’ narrative, readers can tap into the storyline that speaks to them and (quite literally) follow the money.

“The OrbViz platform is a creative way to represent data - an innovative way - and, as a forward-thinking organisation, we are always looking for ways to improve our operations and increase ratepayer engagement.” Mereana Toroa, Finance Support Team Lead - Bay Of Plenty Regional Council

Bring your data to life and create budget, asset management, and annual or long-term planning reports that people really want to read. No, really.

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