Sustainability - a personal response to responsibility

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Take an obligated task and convert it into an innovative activity.


Increasingly, people are drawn to companies with sustainable credentials. When readers see themselves in the story, sustainability becomes a personal and actionable easy-to-plan journey.

By utilising an innovative platform such as OrbViz, you can make corporate responsibility your competitive advantage by forming deeper connections using data storytelling.

“Having the people who are actually making the decisions… being able to engage with (them) and understand the impact that they have… is actually really key.” - Pip Newland, Orion Energy Head of Sustainability and Risk


Replace complexity with readability by giving your impact analyses, sustainable development goals, and GHG reports a narrative arc. Have readers learn in minutes what would have taken hours in a traditionally written report.

“Five minutes of someone playing around with this (OrbViz) is probably the equivalent of 10 hours’ worth of them trawling through a traditional impact report.” - Tim Jones, Grow Good founder and CEO


Use OrbViz to initiate conversations with like-minded individuals and organisations. Sharing data on sustainability outcomes is how we connect with new team members who share similar values and collaborate with enterprises to find better solutions to problems by mitigating risk together.

“Increasingly, people are drawn to companies with sustainable credentials but aren’t greenwashing. So, they’re authentic and transparent about what they’re doing. If you can’t present the information in a way that people can engage with, you can’t have those conversations, or they become a lot harder to have.” - Pip Newland, Orion Energy Head of Sustainability and Risk

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