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We envision many other use case opportunities for OrbViz bubbles - and we’re here to guide any forward-thinking company that wants to share an innovative data story.

Ranking - The bigger the bubble, the better the outcome.Ranking charts become visual, and you can follow the leaders with ease -see ‘who did best’ at a glance with bubbles.

Surveys - Instead of simply reading what people are thinking, you can see how these thoughts are grouped, and you can find the feedback that fits your needs faster. Plus, you can initiate better ongoing conversations when people can find the results that speak to them.

Technical documentation - Remove complexity and enhance readability. By abstracting the technical into bubbles, you shift from semantically cerebral to visually engaging.

Outages reporting - Get a 50,000-foot view of outage activity - a bird’s-eye vantage point from which you can see where it happened and when (and how often) and help the people on the ground get the work done more efficiently.

Ecosystem mapping - It’s virtually impossible to show holistic interconnectivity with a 2D linear document. By abstracting the data into a 3D narrative view, you can show the systemic connections in a visually dynamic framework.


Tired of pushing out the same old reports? Convert your linear 2D data document into a 3D personalised narrative and give your readers a refreshing personalised experience that boosts engagement and removes complexity.

“Repeatedly, people say to me, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” They’re quite blown away by the concept of it.” Dave Armstrong, Newbrook Capital director


Replace complexity with readability by giving your reports a narrative arc. Have readers learn in minutes what would have taken hours in a traditionally written report.

“To unlock the understanding, you need to present the data in a way people can get in there and run their fingers through.” - Pip Newland, Orion Energy Head of Sustainability and Risk


Enhance the narrative by starting a dialogue and getting better feedback. When people can see themselves in the data, initiating a conversation with them is far easier.

“This is one of the ways that we think we’re making it more of an active relationship and a two-way dialogue, and that’s really important.” - Michael Healy, Christchurch City Council

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